What Wattpad Writers Write (a blog critiquing Wattpad stories)

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Nina By Nina Updated 2 years ago
Follow me as I journey through the stories in Wattpad (or you can just laugh at my snide remarks, that works, too). Post the link to the story you'd like to be featured/critiqued in the following blog (every Sunday every week), and I'll be giving out invisible awards (oh, don't drop it!) to the most promising, the most popular, and the most not-promising. Hate this or love this, you're probably going to look through it anyways.

-Sarcastic, Sadistic, Etc.
Hey there! If you can, would you mind checking out my WIP: Legacies of Alchemy? I do plan on getting it published and your critiqiue will most indefinitely help. http://www.wattpad.com/story/6593857-the-legacies-of-alchemy
Hi! I was wondering if you could critique my story, "The Lost City"? Any suggestions you have on how I can improve it are very much appreciated. Thanks!
Do you think you could possibly critique what I have of my story 'Dawn's Light?' I would like to know what you think of it. Thanks!
no thank you I don't, I don't even have twitter! anyways If I had twitter, he would be the last person I would stalk! XD
Hi! Can you critique my story, 'This Wasn't Supposed To Happen'? Please. Thanks bye!