Dawn is a normal girl, or so she thought until her sixteenth birthday comes and a mysterious new boy shows up at school. A very good looking mysterious new boy at that. She made a promise to herself that when she turned sixteen she would run away from home and her abusive father. But when she begins to realize new abilities manifesting after her birthday she seeks out answers. But will her curiousity get the best of her? Is this new boy just a boy? Is her long lost mother just a woman? But these questions are the least of her problems when Demons are lurking around every corner.
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Sounds good, but slightly on the heard of side. Who knows though? I can't judge it by the beginning
@saveMefromFalling I don't think your copying at all! Ok, I'll look at your other story too. <^-^>#
I read the 4 books you linked to me and they were all wonderful and descriptive. I especially like this one.
@saveMefromFalling Lol. I guess at times I find teasing her amusing, BUT I can't wait to get away from like 6 or 7 hours 'cause school is HERE!!  Lol. :)
@saveMefromFalling OH! :D Wow, now THAT'S interesting! Thanks, can she banish or kill the demon in my room *glances at evil sister*..... Hahah. :)
The text itself is good, but I would've found it easier to read if it was in paragraphs. :)

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