Weathering Minnesota

Boy meets girl...Hayden Schaffer recounts his strange history/relationship with Mitzuko Hitaruki, a girl, who is confused with life as she is with her sexuality. Will he crash and burn in his own iniquities, or will he defeat his demons, in order to save Mitzuko from her own downward spiral?
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Again with breaking up the paragraphs in the second page, but I think that it was really good. I love your character development! 
- Raq
I'm really going to try, but I have so many others to read too. So many great books on here, and you're definitely one of them. 
I'm still waiting for an answer about how you wake up next to somewhere everyday and yet they're a complete stranger to you. Weird. 

I like this. Your Hayden is different from my Hayden. But since his name is Hayden I felt inclined to read it. Good thing to. Look forward to continuing this. 
Wow, I wasn't expecting Mitzuko to be into him like that. I wanna know so bad what he did to mess them up now. Hopefully I find out soon.
I really love it, one that the pov its starting off in the guys pov which is something you hardly see so kudos to you. and the names are really unique 

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