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I‘m doing Big Time Rush imagine! Sweet. Sick, or Dirty :p Read my other stories! Don‘t only ask for dirty. I want to write sweet and normal too. :) Follow me on Twitter! My name is: @CrazyForKindle. Have fun with reading. VOTE COMMENT♥ -BlowYourSpeakersOut #♥♥
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Can I please get a dirty James imagine? I'm Jessica. If you get to it... Thank you!
i understand you my dirty (just like me) twin

rusher family forever
Kendall (my little Kendork <3) forever and beyond
Can I have a Kendall imagine? My name is Alexis.
Can it be dirty, but sweet?
Thank you so much.
not all directioners are rude and hateful!!! some are nice and sweet!! you want me to name one? okay me!
Can I please have a James or Carlos imagine please and I don't care what kind lol
can I have a personal dirty imagine with Kendall? :) my names Irma. :D (its ok if you can't (: )

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