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I‘m doing Big Time Rush imagine! Sweet. Sick, or Dirty :p Read my other stories! Don‘t only ask for dirty. I want to write sweet and normal too. :) Follow me on Twitter! My name is: @CrazyForKindle. Have fun with reading. VOTE COMMENT♥ -BlowYourSpeakersOut #♥♥
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Can I please get a dirty James imagine? I'm Jessica. If you get to it... Thank you!
i understand you my dirty (just like me) twin

rusher family forever
Kendall (my little Kendork <3) forever and beyond
not all directioners are rude and hateful!!! some are nice and sweet!! you want me to name one? okay me!
Can I please have a James or Carlos imagine please and I don't care what kind lol
can I have a personal dirty imagine with Kendall? :) my names Irma. :D (its ok if you can't (: )

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