Guys Like You, Don't Fall For Girls Like Me

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_kittenslam260 By _kittenslam260 Updated 2 years ago
Elliot Blair wants to start new after her life turned complicated at her old school. So she packs up everything and moves in with her sister leaving everyone she knows and loves behind. When Elliot meets the schools dangerous bad boy Yale Blake, will her old life come rushing back? Or will she be able to find closure in Yale and learn to trust people again?
morrisonx morrisonx 2 years ago
MY NAMES MORRISON! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh<3 jstdfrgcvbtyvghbluyvfhj
Flores16 Flores16 3 years ago
OMGoodness....! I remember this story from quizilla....! I freakin loved it....! This story and white is for virgins were my favorite haha (:
SunnyLeo09 SunnyLeo09 3 years ago
I read your bad-boy story on quizilla a L-O-N-G time ago lol and me and my friends loved it!! I'm sooo happy you are doing the story on here but different idea-ish but it's AWESOME!! 
Loved it~