Remembering Smiles

Layla felt like she almost had her life back. After her father left without warning, things were pretty hard, but now things were looking better. However, one drunk driver changed that. All, she felt was a bang to the head, and now her memory of everything perfect, was gone. She had to start over, and even with the support of the ones she thinks she loves, she realized how difficult things really are.
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thks for writing this AWESOME book! I <3 it so much! pls pls pls write a sequel? 

- Your fan XD
i was interested when i read the blurb but the detailing of of her every movement was not necessary imo.
I like the turns in the plot and how I cant predict what will happen! 
also love allen!
oohhh...this sound exciting and cool! very good job for an introduction! sorry, i am unable to read your next chapter now...i may look at it later though. :)
Excellent introduction. I like the way you detailed your things and fixed your spelling, i'm totally hooked! I'm voting and becoming a fan :D
Nooooooooo! I get the feeling she's gonna forget Allen! 

and if she does I hope there is no love triangle!! *whines childishly*

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