Because Of You. (A Zarry Mpreg Fanfic)

When you're in a band, sometimes things become hard but say things became a lot harder trying to keep a secret you've had since you first met, how will things turn out? Zayn has this big secret. He's in love with Harry Styles. He has been since they met. Zayn finally breaks and cracks...letting out his biggest secret, not only to Harry but the whole world. Harry secretly likes Zayn but he never knew he was gay but one single kiss with Zayn on New Years Eve changes everything for him. Harry is also one of these rare males able to get pregnant. Will Harry and Zayn fall harder and see this 'relationship' thing through? or Will bigger secrets between the pair create cracks within the relationship? Read and find out in Because Of You.
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For me i think harry so silly , it's just me who think that harry is so silly !!
I had a mini heart attack when he confessed it was Harry! This story is amazing!

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