Shhhh Don't Tell

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Joanne By jojo232311 Updated 4 years ago
Sam has a dark secret and trying to keep it in a hush until she meets a Latin gang member Alex. Alex and Samantha both go to Kingston High. It all starts in the first day of school. Alex tries to make her fall in love just because his gang made a bet and he lost but could he be falling for her while trying to be in the gang. Could she be falling for him even though her family hates kids from the South side. Can he put her in danger while trying to protect her from himself and the gang.
i am liking the setting, but as you asked my opinion, as clichewriter said, you have run offs, i mean no commas, no dots, blah blah blah and it messes me up :s really. but, if you only correct that, your story will be great. it is, but even better. :D dont takee it personal...
Same as Apocalypse_Bunny013,
                                    Your sentences seem to not flow together as well. The grammar also interferes a bit with the reading. As for the story, for a teen fiction, it seems pretty good. The characters could be a bit more developed, but so far, so good! 
Not sure where the story is going, considering it is only the chapter, but I do believe there are some [perhaps a bit more than some] grammatical errors and run-on sentences. Seems a bit rushed, but there is potential. I wanna see where this is going. isnt the best right now. but im pretty sure it will be getting great ! this is only the first chapter so of course it's kinda rough. but i do love it! it's interesting! and idk if it's just me, but i think you have grammar issues, like your periods. Idk probably just me.
oh god love it already i know you said you'll upload soon but i cant wait but i might not read for a while cause i like to let the chapters build up and come back to it later because i read like super fastut you're a great writer