Invisible Girl (Published Under Pastrybug)

Invisible Girl Book 1 and 2 is now available in all Precious Pages Bookstore and National Bookstore. Muriel was forced by her Boss to be her son’s PRETEND GIRLFRIEND because of one reason- her Voice. His Ex and her voice sounds very alike. Ang tanging konsolasyon lamang niya ay hindi siya nakikita ng binata. He will not recognize her. He lost his sight in a car accident after his Ex left him And her MISSION- convince him to undergo the surgery. Sana nga ganon lang iyon kadali… But for her to accomplish her mission, she will need a lot of PATIENCE. Will she be able to survive without involving her own feelings?
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paread po ng first story ko po hihihi....
Sana may movie na nito. I have read this many times. Hindi Nakakasawa! Ang ganda tologo!!!
ang tagal kong hinanap ito,sa wakas nakita ko rin :)
Im sure that this will be fun^_^
nice... i'm gonna clear my sched on september... ipon ipon na rin... ahaha... ate @Alexisse-Rose see you soon!!!
@a_sangel08 wala daw p tlgang book 2 _s@ watty kse may bool 2 lng kse mahaba daw masyado ang sturryy..hope it'll help
hi :D Pls read my story. Thank you so much. Big help. <3

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