Short Writings

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MarianKeyes By MarianKeyes Updated 2 years ago
Enjoy two pieces from Marian’s collected short writings. One frank and funny account of her experiences as a writer and an uproariously comic dose of counselling from the one and only Mammy Walsh!
lucyl007 lucyl007 3 months ago
Love the fact that international best selling authors are nervous when they first start out as the rest of us! Very inspiring! :-)
DMCherubim DMCherubim 2 years ago
This made me laugh. Out loud. But it was, well, a little too close for comfort in some places. And thank you for the inspirations. I hadn't thought about calling the bookstores. Excuse me, I've got to go.
Ah~ Your hard work is worth it :>
-This made me laughed and inspired me a lot. ^_^
julesaspinall julesaspinall 2 years ago
Humorous and, from my experience of writing so far, honest. I haven't read any of your work yet but I thoroughly enjoyed this and look forward to putting that right.
marcanj marcanj 2 years ago
Excellent article. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation for an aspiring writer (in my head).  It gives me hope that someday, I will be hovering over someone holding my book.
marievieguevarra16 marievieguevarra16 2 years ago
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