The Walsh Family Q&A's

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MarianKeyes By MarianKeyes Updated 2 years ago
Never before published, these hilarious Q&As with the women of the Walsh family have been offered especially for Wattpad readers to enjoy ahead of the paperback publication of The Mystery of Mercy Close.
CataclysmXx CataclysmXx 2 years ago
@adrianna_206 your mom is stupid -_- can you write a better book I don't think so
lovemenot_ lovemenot_ 2 years ago
Riches and Revenge (my story) check it out! Capter 5 in progress
crocodile4lyf crocodile4lyf 2 years ago
omg u can really see dead people? how? what do they look like :0 ?  what is bad about getting into the taxi on that day? what day? what happened?
EllaMonroe EllaMonroe 2 years ago
Our feet are planted in the clouds for sure!!!  Love everything you write!
l190176441 l190176441 2 years ago
My @OrlandDHinataNO-ur say class 5 times  then say out loud I love a guy 2 times and then look under your pillow a pink iPod touch will be their true :-D
limeGreenzebraa limeGreenzebraa 2 years ago
hey can someone mybe read my story and give feed back? thanks! and if you have any suggestions that arent harsh ill cosider them :)