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JulieQuinn By JulieQuinn Updated 2 years ago
My name is Julie Quinn and I've been a New Yorker all my life. Life was good. I was swamped with work doing a job that I loved and I was dating the best boyfriend I'd ever had the pleasure to. 

I have always been a strong-willed and independent woman - or as my best friend puts it "control freak" - and even more after the accident, but what happened on the eve of my 30th birthday was enough to bring down Wonder Woman.
Ekolop Ekolop 16 days ago
i dont understand what happened... its just that the feeling i get when i started reading is of someone telling me a story without stopping to take a breath so like everything was told in one big huff and I had to take it aaaalll in one huge gulp! sorry still I'll try to keep reading sorry!
snlbrx snlbrx 23 days ago
Im a bit confused at this part. Umm can someone explain to me please?:(
Rockystary4eva Rockystary4eva 6 months ago
umm i think she meant doom day as in cuz shes turning 30 which is considered "old" and plus brad might propose to her (which i doubt)
OneDirectionLover44 OneDirectionLover44 7 months ago
You might want to change this to bday cuz d day is a totally different thing lol
StephaniePujols StephaniePujols 9 months ago
@natasiaback No, it just means she's getting the Danish out of her bag.
jkanyana jkanyana 10 months ago
I actually feel like it was good for her to quit. If her company wouldn't reward her hard work, why could
should she stay?