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Emma + Kyle By Watty-Writers Updated 4 years ago
                                    Title: Missing Ian
                                    Genre: teen fiction
                                    Summary: the story of a boy who leaves and the girl he leaves behind. 
                                    Also you should check out @emmalynn22 book college fund because I love it
                                    Thanks WW101
Hi I would love it if some checked out my story and gave me some advice. It's called too young
My story is called a perfect revenge and is a werewolf story:
                                    Thank you.
Hi its people like you who really help the wattpad community I would like to suggest two stories one of which is my friends and one is mine. 
                                    My friends is @Marshmallow40 and there story is called  mutation:
                                    It is a supernatural book.
Another story
                                    By superlockvenger
                                    Is called Why So Serious
                                    Is about how joker kills batman and he becomes the  batman and one of his most trusted men betray him and become the new joker.