I Don't Spin The Bottle, I Tip It.

Charlotte Reed has been through a lot in the past six months. Ever since she watched her dad commit suicide, nothing has been the same. It's safe to say that since that incident happened she has become a different person and has developed a major drinking problem. Her mom thinks that they should move out of the New York environment and more into the quiet area. Charlotte's first night there brought her to Barry , the older mysterious neighbor who claims that he doesn't drink, but never explaining why. Can a bunch of late nights talking to a complete stranger form Charlotte to changed her ways?
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like the storyline but i feel like your character is just too fake and that pulls my interest away from the story... :/
So i have read almost all of your stories and I love them! You're a great writter :).

Don't bother looking at my comment.. I'm just B-O-R-E-D!! Have a nice life!!
This story is awesome, and it's very interesting . I think that the poem was really great ! Upload soon !
she is living in a goldfish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 bahahahaha
try to make me go to rehab and i said no no no.....  :P   :D   :)   i really like this story!!! Can't wait for the next upload!!!!

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