The Winged [HIATUS]

Aislinn Blake, age fifteen, has been able to fly for as long as she can remember. She possesses the wings of a peregrine falcon, fourteen feet across, that allow her to slice through the air at up to two hundred miles per hour. For Aislinn, flying is life's greatest joy... until it turns into a nightmare. The arrival of a mysterious girl marks a turning point in Aislinn's life, and suddenly she must run from everything she has ever known to escape those who want her dead. A cataclysmic chain of events has been set in motion in The Winged, the epic first chapter of The Champions series.
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I was in the beginning going to say it sounded as it was based on James Patteron, but you did make it different.
Please update, please? I know you take quite a.while on updating but you are auch a good writer, please remember to updTe more ofter?:) x
I love that you take so much time to write this. Great to see you become a different person entirely as a writer.
Awesome book oh and by the way your series on flipnote is awesome to well Cheerio
I consider this a BOOK not a story, at some points I forget that it's you and not a famous author!
your story crystal hearts (and the comic on hetena), is epical! I read all of the winged and hope you continue it. :)

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