Alpha's Possessive Mate !

!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!!! This Book Is Rated R. It Has Strong Sexual Content. 18 Yrs And Older Only Please.
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Nice first chapter... Really draws u in.. I feel emotional connected to the characters already
You know I wonder wtf didn't his Wolfe say anything or even make his human side feel bad and guilt
really?!?!?!? Hes thinking about that?!?!?! STILL NOW?!!?!?!?! UR D@MN FAMILY JUST LEFT U!!!!!!
ur dad cheated.... -.- whats so confusing about that? u just heard it... Im pretty sure ur smart and old enough to put the puzzle pieces together.... -.-
Sorry too late... forgetted happened.......... *is that even a word?!?* Who are u again?
that was intense but poor Jessie tho I hate her because of what she said about Rose >.<

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