Peace Wolf

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Vanessa By Vbarth-CKCSLuver Updated 3 years ago
Ava and Conner are both 28 and are now happily married to each other. While on their honeymoon they find a baby girl only a few months old. Turns out her parents died not far from where she was found. You would only expect them to keep the young child and that’s exactly what they did. 

Willow is what they named her and now she’s seventeen, almost eighteen. No one ever knew much about her birth parents, but she starts to get some answers when she suddenly changes into a wolf. Scared and confused Willow keeps this a secret, doesn’t trust anyone to keep it so she decides not to tell anyone. Well she’s going to have to start trusting people since she’s the only female wolf ever and the one other wolves have been waiting for to save them from threats only she can stop. She is the wolf who is going to restore peace to the lands. 

And she can’t help but find her mate and fall in love along the way.
no prob just saying the truth and im excited for the next chapter