What If...?

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_casyolin By _casyolin Updated 2 years ago
Short story about Alice who doesn't have a perfect life and has a crush on Lucas who doesn't notice her. (Watty Awards 2011 round 2 story)
WiseWackyRiver WiseWackyRiver 2 years ago
As the saying goes "there is more to a person then meets the eye"
bamachick96 bamachick96 2 years ago
I hate to send a hate comment... but that was stupid, if it's true then that is sad but sweet and if not ... dude you can do better.
You should totally make a second one! or add on to this, it's seriously Adorable.
Nablmr Nablmr 2 years ago
this story is awesome,but this is too short. i really want to know about the next
RoyallyRetarded RoyallyRetarded 2 years ago
eeeeppp~~~ that was sooo adorable..!! xDDDD
i wish it was longer though..~ :P
Locolulu Locolulu 2 years ago
Love this story line! Super cute that Lucas realized it wasn't all about being popular!