“What makes you think I didn’t choose this life myself?” I questioned, peering at his sparkling emerald green eyes.
“That’s bullshit and you know it!” he retaliated, his eyes filling with concern.
“Maybe I do.” I softly murmured back. He moved closer to me, glaring at me.
His close proximity, making my breath hitch in my throat and my heart beat to go into a crazy frenzy.
“You’re only doing this because of Tyler, because you’re his girl.” The anger started to fume through my body, I hated that world, I was no one’s possession. I was not someone’s object to use and own.
“I am no one’s girl!” I spat back through clenched teeth, turning my back on him trying to get away from his alluring eyes.
He grabbed onto my wrist rather tightly, pulling me towards his chest.
“Well what if I want you to be my girl?” The sound of lustful seduction burning deep in his voice. His hot breathe tickling my neck.
My eyes fluttered to a close
I think I wanted to be known as this dark mysterious curly-haired man’s girl.
What have I gotten myself into?
Skye Audrina Talbot was nothing near a normal girl. Her ‘boyfriend’ was part of the town’s most dangerous and feared gang’s. She didn’t know how she got dragged into the lifestyle of drugs, sex and crazy fights, but she was starting to get use to it.
But it was soon to all change.  A mysterious group of five boys come to the school and turn it upside down. Turning them into the ones others should fear. When one of them takes an interest in her all hell breaks loose between the two gangs.
Who will she choose? Whose lives would be risked in the process?
yufannx yufannx 7 days ago
lol i took this the wrong way, 'Tyler was waiting inside me' okay i'm so fûcked up
xJustKat xJustKat a month ago
To be honest, I would prefer it not to be a fanfic because I'm not the biggest 1D fan but I'm already hooked to the storyline and the writing skills are amazing, so I don't really care! x
irwinsgirl13 irwinsgirl13 3 months ago
Luka and Kalem remind me of Luke and Calum from 5S0S. Idk if they're supposed to be apart of your story but its pretty cool :)
feelsgotmelike feelsgotmelike a year ago
If one of the girl gang members/ if there is one gets pregnant I'm going to rip my hair out