Closets Are For Clothes [boyxboy]

Maxwell Quincy is your average 16 year old. The only problem? Max is secretly gay and in love with his straight best friend Noah. Max must now struggle with his feelings for Noah as he desperately tries to keep being gay a secret. But when his secret gets out, Max's whole life is changed. Will Max ever be with Noah?
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Q: How does the blond turn on the light after she has had sex? 
A: She opens the car door. 

I'm kidding...please don't kill me
No, they're for hiding. And playing in Narnia! ... that didn't sound quite right
Well this sucks. I have two dad's! And they're the best people ever. Gay all the way
Is it bad that I sorta used to think this joke was funny? Stereotypes are actually pretty funny to me...
I've got a fully functioning Nintendo 64. My older siblings are console and game collectors. We all love video games, and wouldn't sell them for the world
As a bisexual damn we still get shite for it. Being called confused is annoying.

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