Closets Are For Clothes [boyxboy]

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Jen By SkeneKidz Completed
Maxwell Quincy is your average 16 year old. The only problem? Max is secretly gay and in love with his straight best friend Noah. Max must now struggle with his feelings for Noah as he desperately tries to keep being gay a secret. But when his secret gets out, Max's whole life is changed. Will Max ever be with Noah?
... I'm bi and I'm not curious I just sometimes happen to fancy my own gender..  girls are hot 
dude i didnt get it had to reread dat outloud like twice to get it!!! im so slow and i still had to read the comments!!!
*tries not to laugh* *looks like some weirdo with flat âss lips* lmfaaoooo
well ackward. (hint. for not weird i swearrrr!! ok thats a lie im loco. but loco is gud. 8)
i'll kick them out the house. Small minded people. they really need to watch the big gay musical
nah they r for hiding ur snacks cause ur mum told u to start eating healthy. -__-