Malfoy, Weasley, and DRAMA

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Cheyanne By CastleSky4067 Updated 10 months ago
My name is Rose Weasley, everyone knows my parents, you know. The best friends of Harry Potter, the boy who lived; the boy who killed our oh beloved Voldermort, know as the golden trio. So everyone was my friend, except one person; Scorpius Malfoy. I hated him until the day he kissed me, but let’s start at the beginning. It all began when my beloved of a potion teacher assigned us as partners. That was fun; we fought, and fought, and fought, well you get the point. But then I started falling for him, how? I have no idea. The last thing the school expected to hear was “Malfoy and Weasley equals Drama.” After that I hated his guts, but also loved them. So what do I have to say for myself? That my boyfriend wasn’t expecting me to say I was in love with a Malfoy.
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ummm wow he rlly hates her...well what did i expect? hes a malfoy..but i like the malfoys..i rlly gotta learn to shut up! anyways i rlly love this story so far!!! xxxx zara
yaaayyy hiya ive finally found a scorose fanfic.on wattpad..well ive seen another one and it was amazing..have u read my life is a box full of suprises? if u havent SHAme on u...not rlly..nyways heyooooooooo im already in freakin love with ur story and i  hope i havent freaked u out....xxxxx zara
Aww I love Aria and Rose's friend ship I love how she was worried about rose's eating. Its really touching. just can't click the --> button fast enough :P
Aww I love Aria and Rose's friend ship I love how she was worried about rose's eating :)
This looks promising :)
                                    I love the was you used the sentences, "Right and here comes sadness & Right, and there comes pain." Very clever ;) This looks very good.
                                    I'm gonna try to finish this book today!