Ross Lynch Dirty Minds

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Riker is my favorite By Riker is my favorite Updated 2 years ago
Step into the journey of Ross and Lilly's relationship which fast turns out to be pretty dirty. What's better than two dirty minded people? Two dirty minded people in a bed ;)  Restricted. Now you're warned ***BE SURE TO FOLLOW ME TO BE ABLE TO READ ALL OF THE CHAPTERS***
Wouldn't it be funny if he threw rocks at the window at night and it turns out that was her parents' bedroom...
I cannot see Ross Lynch acting this way, make it sound like him more because I can't imagine it.
what the hell?! *locks all windows and sleeps with lights on and bubble rap.around my bed*
Shīt. They have the Same phones. Greeeaaat. Now it's gonna be a phone swap.
Wouldn't mind having Ross outside wet window. Although my window is in the front of the house… and facing a road
LUV it in this story I'm just like Ross but a girl and not haveing it I'm really wrong minded