Ross Lynch Dirty Minds

Step into the journey of Ross and Lilly's relationship which fast turns out to be pretty dirty. What's better than two dirty minded people? Two dirty minded people in a bed ;) Restricted. Now you're warned ***BE SURE TO FOLLOW ME TO BE ABLE TO READ ALL OF THE CHAPTERS***
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LUV it in this story I'm just like Ross but a girl and not haveing it I'm really wrong minded
Ross in this story sounds like a guy called seth at my school. so far anyway. he hits on just about anything that moves..
In real life he isn't like that he is SWEET AND KIND AND CUTE AND VERY NICE ❤️
lol I read a story like this once and it was about Ross and then they ended up falling in love after they "did it" lol is that what happens here? O.o
Can you space it more, like not all bunched up please if you would like I could edit it for you. So far so good its great! :)
It's awesome cant wait to read the rest of the series I've only read the first chapter

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