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Well this is the Rant book, written all by me. It's basically something that I will update every few days. Its where i can rant about things I hate or dislike. So comment, Fan me and Vote. And enjoy reading my rants! But dont hate me over something I write, it's just my opinion!
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i used to think justin bieber was a girl and a lesbian intil my sister told me he was a boy
K im fanning u just for this and telling the world about that f***king gay idiot!
@SarahGreatorex too show dedication I was up till gone 3am reading them so I am feeling the lack of sleep but it was worth it!! :D
Agree! I could learn to like him but my friend makes me hate him more with her frequent love-thoughts about him im like "SHUT THE EFF UP!"
This is true, whenever I think "Paramore" I just think Hayley Williams and no one else--still love her though XD
ROTFFLMFAO!!!!!!!!! LOVE THE PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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