The Girl That Was Buried In Her Ball Gown

How could one evening at the junior high school ball turn into something completely unexpected. When something goes terribly wrong, what will happen to a young girl who's world has been turned upside down? Who can she turn to, who can she trust? What is it with these others that are trying to impersonate her and leading her to some place she does not want to go.
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I'm literally in front of a wall-to-wall mirror right now .... * paranoia kicks in*
Very well written. I like how you've conveyed her feelings perfectly through words :) I'm liking the usage of Maori words also. I'll definitely read some more
This is so cool! I love how you added your own twist to the idea of ghosts, it made it so interesting! This was amazing, and I haven't seen any issues.
Great first chapter! The length was perfect, it wasn't too long or too short. Your description fit very nicely, and i got a great look at the MC. Wonderful!
first chapters really good. i'll have to read the rest later as i have to get off. sorry i havent read it till now. :)
@dotandtittle Ahaha. My English teacher loves that quote. C: And its fine. Maybe I just read to fast. I tend to do that a lot.

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