Among The Plastics

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Cloverism By Cloverism Updated 10 months ago
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RoderickYoung RoderickYoung 8 months ago
"excessive pain until I faint?"  Whoa, forget it, I'm outta there!
RoderickYoung RoderickYoung 8 months ago
The dialogue is wonderful, and brings this story to life.  Nice cliffhanger of an intro.

The first few paragraphs sound a bit shaky if you were trying to create an omniscient narrator.  Might be good to ask another writer to give that part a once-over.
nyc94s nyc94s 2 years ago
It was areally cool story.i dont know how come all of you can create all these amazing stories
At first this reminded me a little of the Uglies book by Scott Westerfeld...but then you said, now I'm curious...
emerawr88 emerawr88 2 years ago
I love the Uglies series!! Omg. Yes. I just started reading this, it looks REALLY good. So yep.
tigerlily1d tigerlily1d 3 years ago
@Cloverism Well, that's not a very good way to receive votes, comments and reads. If you want them so badly then you shouldn't do that, it's extremely demanding.