Fried Chicken, A Belizean Tradition

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ivanyuen By ivanyuen Updated 2 months ago
A journey through this Central American nation in search of its true and unique identity.
AntoninosNatalis AntoninosNatalis 2 months ago
I have never been to Belize. I would have never thought that it could have a significant Chinese community. Enjoyed the read.
lloydbenson lloydbenson 2 months ago
You need to try out a little restaurant in Burrell Boom Belize. The food is great and the owners are delightful. Great story
SarahBensonBooks SarahBensonBooks 7 months ago
The people are so wonderful there. We're hoping to travel down there this year, but who knows. We shall see.
emilyfollett emilyfollett a year ago
I like this story a lot. I like it better than the sea turtle story. It reminds me of when I was travelling in Turkey and we went to this one village where everyone insisted on speaking to us in German because there was such a big German population.
ArdentAdmiration ArdentAdmiration 3 years ago
So good!  The bit about being Canadian made me chuckle - so true.  The idea was carried throughout the whole piece, so that I didn't wander along the way.  I look forward to reading more of your stuff.
marsbars marsbars 4 years ago
That was really interesting, I want to go to Belize someday! your descriptions were amazing. I totally understand that confusion on people's faces when I say I'm from Canada cause I wasn't born here.  =)