Give Me Love - A Harry Styles FanFic

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britishhatheart By britishhatheart Updated a year ago
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When Leigh loses her mother at only 19. Shes' left alone to face the world and raise her little sister Isabella all on her own. With the weight of the past on her shoulders. Leigh begins to loose not only herself. But her connection with Isabella as well. Except, when Leigh looses her sister in a local mall she not only gains a new perspective. But when the one to find her sister is none other than Harry Styles. Her life begins to change in ways she never would have imagined.
xxbrokenlyricsxx xxbrokenlyricsxx 4 months ago
i read this book a few years ago and i thought it would be deleted but im so grateful its still up!
_JustTakeTheFall_ _JustTakeTheFall_ 6 months ago
I really like thus fanfic! You're a really good author. Not to be rude, but how do you get so many people to read your fanfiction.? I'm trying to get my Harry Styles fanfic, "Malcontent (Harry Styles" noticed..can you help.?? Thanks :*
NutellaFreakk NutellaFreakk a year ago
Checkout my fanfic it's a Harry Styles love story (: 

2sisiboos 2sisiboos a year ago
I've read a fanfic once that had the same name, but I couldn't find it anymore! When I saw this I freaked, then I realized it ha a the wrong characters. :(
Writerwannabe13 Writerwannabe13 a year ago
omg my names Isabella. If only harry was holding me in his arms. Sigh.
marhuma1995 marhuma1995 a year ago
Why your story isn't here anymore??? I wanted to read it again:( :(