Bad Girl

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Melanie has been in tough situations, with her parents leaving her and her sister to explore the world, and her over abusive ex-boyfriend getting out of jail soon.  She is tired of feeling weak and unwanted. Her attitude changes; she pulls pranks, parties more and decides that her 12th grade year will be different, no one will walk all over her or make her feel powerless like her ex-boyfriend did. When Brent comes along and shows her the love that she’s always wanted in life, will the gang that he runs and her crazy ex-boyfriend affect their relationship? Will she finally get her happily ever after? Or will it all end tragically?
sorry. just saying it from personal experiences but I bet your a lovely person!!
My trick is to join a group of people, wait for it to fall apart and see who sticks with you.
Omg I just came from a Christmas party and my two older sisters were singing this song!
@toriavelen ikr I mean my names not Victoria but u can't judge somebody just by their name like, seriously? That's stupid. I bet Ur really nice cause you really do seen like it! ;)
dangg she need to help me when im bout to get a woupin. Naw. Lol
Was gunna be like oh yay ! My name but these comments ^^ lmfao