Bad Girl

  Melanie has been in tough situations, with her parents leaving her and her sister to explore the world, and her over abusive ex-boyfriend getting out of jail soon.  She is tired of feeling weak and unwanted. Her attitude changes; she pulls pranks, parties more and decides that her 12th grade year will be different, no one will walk all over her or make her feel powerless like her ex-boyfriend did. When Brent comes along and shows her the love that she’s always wanted in life, will the gang that he runs and her crazy ex-boyfriend affect their relationship? Will she finally get her happily ever after? Or will it all end tragically?
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This was kinda random. This should be in the beginning of this paragraph not the end.
hmmmmmmmkayyy..... are they why are black I'm not being racist I just want to know.?
Reminds me of a girl who was in my school. She's really smart and her name's Alicia too.
Wonder what kind of rumors have been circling around about her. And who was that at the end.

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