I cry for his abuse (Jaden smith takeover)

Meet jaden christopher syre smith. 19 years old living in a mansion with girlfriend and actress Toreign Milone. Growing up with fame and fourtune Jaden never really Knew how to handle women, When he met toreign in malibu's performing arts high school it was all fun and games in dating. What they interpret "cute". but as jaden got older money, rapping, and sex was all he saw. His weakness with girls became weaker and weaker to the point he doesnt care for her anymore. He is mentally abusing her. But for some apparent reason Toreign crys and crys and crys but Still stays with him for hope. But will jaden take things too far? Will something happen to open his eyes? Will it possibly get better? This is "I cry for his abuse" (Coming soon)
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they have a very weird relationship.... its like the song... II HATE THT I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO. okay excuse my weirdness but great story
This is crazy intense
side note: check out my 1st fanfiction, its about jaden, but it's not this intense(yet?) thanks :) give me feedback
What a f douche lol I'd hate it if he treated his girl i
Like thus in real life when he's older !!
Jaden is such an ass ! She need to kick his ass because he is stupid and ignorant ass hell
That us too much. His ass would be on that couch and I'd be I'm that fluffy ass bed. And we would be throwing hands if he ever talked to me like that
Dang... Jadens a real umm ass in this story lol good story tho looking forward to see what awaits

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