The Vampire Slave

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*First completed book in this series* Raven is a normal teenage girl in a normal town. But when she walks home Halloween night a-- mind you, a very VERY good looking-- vampire named Blaze attacks Raven in a spur of hunger. As Raven deals with the consequences of the attack by being bonded to Blaze, she deals with a greater threat. Will this lead to her death, or possibly even love? *A Whisper of Love is the sequel and is currently being updated on my profile*
for some reason the bame Matthew Espinosa kept popping up in my head after i read this... well except for the abs and muscules part
True, but even i don't think like that, and I'm confident with my looks
Lol I'm 16, I'm barely managing 5' I seriously am 5'3 and "3/4" stupid doctors
I am 5'11 and it's horrible, all my jeans aren't long enough
that's my WORST nightmare I would be like "but that's my candy" *wimpers*
Im beautiful sexy n humble i don't talk down on people and im friendly just cause she feels good about herself doesnt mean she not humble