The Vampire Slave

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*First completed book in this series* Raven is a normal teenage girl in a normal town. But when she walks home Halloween night a-- mind you, a very VERY good looking-- vampire named Blaze attacks Raven in a spur of hunger. As Raven deals with the consequences of the attack by being bonded to Blaze, she deals with a greater threat. Will this lead to her death, or possibly even love? *A Whisper of Love is the sequel and is currently being updated on my profile*
Im beautiful sexy n humble i don't talk down on people and im friendly just cause she feels good about herself doesnt mean she not humble
I don't like it when people are like "I'm so sexy" you'd think they'd be more humble
She...remembered *gasps in amazement* or y'know, she could have smacked her head real hard or the possibility that he could've gave her memory back.


i can't imagine throwing my phone away just like that.. it's not like i have the money to buy a new one every time it dies
but actually this happens very often in stories doesn't it?
Forreal. mine is the fourth my sister's is the seventh. my great grandfather's was the eleventh