The Vampire Slave

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Xxbrokenhearts67xX By Xxbrokenhearts67xX Updated 7 months ago
*First completed book in this series* Raven is a normal teenage girl in a normal town. But when she walks home Halloween night a-- mind you, a very VERY good looking-- vampire named Blaze attacks Raven in a spur of hunger. As Raven deals with the consequences of the attack by being bonded to Blaze, she deals with a greater threat. Will this lead to her death, or possibly even love? *A Whisper of Love is the sequel and is currently being updated on my profile*
Read your book when it was on quizilla!! Loved it then can't wait to read it again!
Really though it's funny but why did u wear it then walk off alone u idiot
he sounds like my brother actually. except my brother has emerald green eyes instead of brown.
I would of been saying a string of f*ck's, f*cker's, and f*cking's.     ._.
I'm laughing at this (in,my head so i don't get in trouble) way too hard.xD
I am almost 14 and I am 5'9" so I look around 16-17 and I still trick or treat!