The Vampire Slave

Raven is a normal teenage girl in a normal town. But when she walks home Halloween night a-- mind you, a very VERY good looking-- vampire named Blaze attacks Raven in a spur of hunger. As Raven deals with the consequences of the attack by being bonded to Blaze, she deals with a greater threat. Will this lead to her death, or possibly even love?
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ONLY I'm 5'3 and im 18 if u people r wondering y a 18 year old is on here I get bored Too
i feel ur pain my boyfriend is 1 foot and 2 inches taller than me, im also 5'3 and i have been that height for 3 years!
Are you serious? Most the boys I know are 14-15 years old and are over 6 ft. That's a good height.
My first time going trick or treating was 3 years ago and I was 11. I did it the year before last again, too.
don't know any of those people but story soumds interesting so I'm reading it ❤
This is the best I have a lot of homework to do but instead of doing it I was reading the story

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