My Big Brother⁑Roc Royal Love Story⁑

I'm Akemi Ja'nae Young, and me and big brother Roc are in LOVE with each other, but we haven't told one another, Its all in the way we Talk to each other, the way we look at each other, and the way we joke around with each other. I Know you probably thinking "Ewwww ! That's Nasty !" But you don't understand what we have. ___Shonda- I don't know how to give a description without telling the whole story so i hope you enjoy !____
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i love this story thooo. it's the.but it's kindaa weird how they commited incest. and they aint gotta problem with it. but ayee. i ain't hatinn'.#BeenaWriter.
Damn it's kinda weird and they can't have kids because it ain't gonna come out right. Speaking of kids I think she might be preggo
eww with your blood brother. but her and jacob make a good couple and her and trey have a great brother sister bond
its different but i like it i mean it is what it is.... its gonna take me some time to adjust though but this is a unique story
Dhats Just Plain Old Nasty! Akemi Lost Her Virginity...... To Her Own Broda! But I Aint A Hater - I LOVEEEEE Dhis Story!
tht was sweet of him but its kinda strange that they see each other like that but its still good

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