Secretly Married .ƒĢ. (Published & Soon to be a Major Motion Picture)

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Goddess Glimmer By forgottenglimmer Completed
Phoebe Bernal shares a secret with one of the biggest stars in the country, Kent Fuentabella.
    Their secret? They’ve been secretly married.
    Of course, no one can know. That’s Kent Fuentabella, for goodness’ sake, a star so famous that even the tiniest move he makes can create Twitter trends worldwide.
    Phoebe has known Kent since he was a gangly nobody, but she doesn’t even know how they feel about each other.  But just when she’s trying to sort out her feelings for moody and unpredictable Kent, here comes Harley Villaluz, Kent’s biggest rival, who’s determined to sweep Phoebe off her feet.  Then there’s also Elisa, Kent’s onscreen love interest, who’s determined to take their romance off-screen.
    Oh, what’s a secretly married girl to do – when the country’s biggest celebrities suddenly find themselves entangled with her life?
Nakakamiss to. Ito yung unang story na nabasa ko tapos silent reader pa ako nun. Sobrang kinikilig parin ako dito sa story ni Keng at Phoebe :)
ommayy gashhh  .kh8 talaga paul8 ul8 ko pa itong basahin d ako nag sasawa ..ito tlaga ang pinka favorite kong story ..ito din ung pinka unang story na nabasa ko..hihihi love it
characters and story itself seems familiar.. oh i remember.. i've already read this story on a paperback..  (pocketbook) are you sure everything is merely coincidence or you're also the author of that i've read?
ganda po ng story na toh!! nakaka 10 basa na po ako neto yet di pabrin ako nagsasawa.. haha
bat hindi pa tapos ang part 2 nito?=( grabeh tlaga ang hugot sakin ng character nila kent,phoebe at harley!!
Section D??? Tangina! Ang bobo naman. Pwede sec B nalang . Hahaha