You are my fantasy <Boyxboy>

Casey and Kale are two Very different types of guys. Kale is the popular jock, while Casey is the badboy emo with the pretty girlfriend. So how did they end up as best friends? Kale slowly realizes that he may or may not be attracted to Casey, while Casey is in love with Kale even though he has a girlfriend. Will they be able to be together? Or will the complications get in the way?
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Your kidding that was a dream? That seemed so real like it was actually happening. Great way to grab attention and great first chapter.
O.O I found this and was like, "Whoa." I'm writing a BL with a jock and an emo. *cries* I'm sorry!
I thought that that was actually happening... It was an amazing introduction for this. ^0^
i know we can't judge a book for his cover but, it looks frigging awsome to me, and can't wait to read more
Ah ha ha!  I almost burst out laughing at that last line!  Alarm clocks are so cliche, but his response was hilarious.
ohh damn and here I was whooping and cheering thinking they got together -.- hahaa really good first chapter; makes me want to read more :)

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