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WrittenDeep By WrittenDeep Updated 2 years ago
My story, your story, inspiration. Love all ya! <3
littlevoices littlevoices 3 years ago
never realized how many people feel this way too all we can do is hold each other up
Immortal_Iris Immortal_Iris 3 years ago
i didn't know about this..i was just skimming through things when i came accross this...it will get better...it has to :)

i know we don't talk a lot but even m here for you :)
Himedal Himedal 3 years ago
Yes we're all going through it. you have written this by your heart. it is very good. lovely.
dipsyz dipsyz 3 years ago
Yup, no-one tells someone everything....we always keep a little bit to ourselves!
dipsyz dipsyz 3 years ago
Yeah, we do. I knew a bit about Yo-yo, but nothing about you. I bet we all have our secrets...
dipsyz dipsyz 3 years ago
Converse, damn I'm here for you too. Me: I'm here for moral support, I'm here to be YOUR shoulder to cry on. And Daisy: She's here to whoop the ass of anyone who messes with you.

I didn't realise how much we all don't know about each other. Love you oodles and oodles. 
Mastermind. x