DIRTY One Direction Imagine ;)

IM TAKING REQUEST SO COMMENT OR INBOX ME IF YOU WANT ONE!!! All I need us you name and which band member you want!
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Jocelyn can I have a really really dirty one please with liam and Niall please <3
Are we allowed to do boyxboy imagines? If so the my guy's name is Kai. He is 20 years old. I would really like it to be a Louis imagine please! Thank you!
My name is Lily Evans
Age: 17
Niall and Louis threesome in the elevator, dark alley, beach, restaurant bathroom, or car (I like unique places ;)
could you do one for me my name is bailey, i want niall and were five years apart i know its bad but your a good writer lol so yea bye bye
Can mine be really dirty with niall and Louis ;) my name is Lashay and I'm 15 ;) thanks
When you get time could I have a Nialler one please? my name is Morgan & I'm 19 c: thanks(:

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