DIRTY One Direction Imagine ;)

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nanana_lalala By nanana_lalala Updated 2 years ago
IM TAKING REQUEST SO COMMENT OR INBOX ME IF YOU WANT ONE!!! All I need us you name and which band member you want!
Pizza_n_Clifford Pizza_n_Clifford a month ago
Yeah. It's kind of annoying that it says POV. Love the imagines doe
Becca44Gold Becca44Gold 4 months ago
My name is Becca Gold i whould like a Zayn Malik one and make it dirty
Logans_bae_ Logans_bae_ 8 months ago
well i am 12 ... but make me 19 and i want one with louis ... name is melissa 
MrsNoelleStyles MrsNoelleStyles 10 months ago
18 (I'm Not Actually That Old I'm 14 But Shhhh;)
naciatia13 naciatia13 a year ago
I'm afiahana. Can i have with niall and harry? And make it rough? Pleaseee
Hi, my name is Lisa-Marie Premici, can i please have a dirty Niall imagine please? :D