DIRTY One Direction Imagine ;)

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nanana_lalala By nanana_lalala Updated 2 years ago
IM TAKING REQUEST SO COMMENT OR INBOX ME IF YOU WANT ONE!!! All I need us you name and which band member you want!
I'm Kayln, I'm 15 and I would like a dirty harry please & thank you!:)
I'm Allie, I'm 14 and I was wondering if you could do an imagine for me. With Harry or Niall. Thanks so much! Ily!
I'm Brandall, I'm 16 and I want a Harry one please and thank you
My name is Sarrah and I want Niall I am 12 please and thankyou!
you know POV means point of view right ?? because you write it every time they say something , which isn't really needed :/