DIRTY One Direction Imagine ;)

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nanana_lalala By nanana_lalala Updated 2 years ago
IM TAKING REQUEST SO COMMENT OR INBOX ME IF YOU WANT ONE!!! All I need us you name and which band member you want!
Hi can I please have a Naill and Louis imagine. The beginning I make cookies. Ther rest you can you know pick. Can you make it long too.
Hi can I please have a Niall imagine involving rough? My name is Gabrielle, I'm in my profile pic. If u could that would be great thank you heaps:)
Hi, can i have a harry imagine involving rough stuff and bondage? my name is Lyssa. If you would i would be so happy but if you cant don't worry about it :) thank You!!!!
Hii well i was wondering if you can make me a imagine with niall please dirty my name is Paige
Ummm I know I might be way to old to ask for you to do an Imagine but can i get one with Zayn very long and very dirty the name is Elvira age 24 that will be the last time i will get to say I'm 24 cuz my B-Day is coming up on May 26
My name is sophie i want a really dirty one with harry or niall