One Week With James.

Eliza and James are the couple-that-isn't-a-couple. Their four friends are hell bent on getting them together, so they come up with an ingenious - and devious- plan: lock them in a beach house, in the middle of nowhere, with no means of transportation or communication with anyone else, for a week. In the next seven days, Eliza finds her 'long gone' crush on James coming back with full force. But the school's quarterback could never love someone as dorky as her, right? Wrong. A story of summer love.
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Sounds like my lil' town :) but i do live out in the country so i only go in town for school and shop im other bigger cities near
Sounds like the guy at my high school! Named Patrick, blue eyes and blonde hair, actor, and HOTTIE
Eep! This just keeps getting cuter and cuter! :D
I adore the two of them already <3
in a speech thing by char" wont be able to reach a down", is it suppose to be town
I think I would seriously kill my friends as soon as they came back to get me. Lolz good so far.
Love it and James seems so cute x oh could u put up pics for them or have a celeb cast so I kinda imagine them x

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