One Week With James.

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Eliza and James are the couple-that-isn't-a-couple. Their four friends are hell bent on getting them together, so they come up with an ingenious - and devious- plan: lock them in a beach house, in the middle of nowhere, with no means of transportation or communication with anyone else, for a week. 
In the next seven days, Eliza finds her 'long gone' crush on James coming back with full force. But the school's quarterback could never love someone as dorky as her, right?

A story of summer love.
FormerRunner01 FormerRunner01 3 months ago
Sounds like my lil' town :) but i do live out in the country so i only go in town for school and shop im other bigger cities near
TruTh_or_DaRe_ TruTh_or_DaRe_ 4 months ago
Sounds like the guy at my high school! Named Patrick, blue eyes and blonde hair, actor, and HOTTIE
raw-eyes raw-eyes 2 years ago
I'm giggling like an idiot right now and it's one in the morning. Oh this was so cute! :D
And hilarious. I really enjoyed this and I'm definitely going to read more. (:
Saismile Saismile 2 years ago
in a speech thing by char" wont be able to reach a down", is it suppose to be town
PutDownMyCupcakes PutDownMyCupcakes 3 years ago
Lol. Love it. One week alone with a dude. This gotta be epic. Reading on.
savetheplanet savetheplanet 3 years ago
hi! :) your story is awesome, i really like it, @freedomninja26 suggested it to me, and i think is great! i really like how you write! i like her friends! lol, im loving it! :D GREAT JOB on it!!!!! voting obviouslyyyy!