OUT FOR BLOOD - Vampire Love and Revenge

As a young girl, Catalina is the victim of vampires. After her entire family is massacred, she is saved by vampire hunters. She swears revenge and years later is still searching for the vampires who killed her family. When a vampire that constantly gets on her nerves and evades her staking attempts offers to help her find the ones she's after, she must team up with him. He's determined to convince her that he still has his humanity and wants her to see him as more than a vampire, as a man.
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Please upload soon ive been wating for the upload torso long now I really enjoyed and love this book
I like Jaden... ='(
But it seems to me like he has some competition!
*Cough* NOAH!!! *Cough*
And it's called the game of love, Hun.
Love the story! Love the idea! Love the characters! Addicted already! Keep writing please!
Love this story but wish it didn't end the way it did! it was amazing (: one of my favourite books to be honest! kinda miss it/:
Please read mine. It’s called Princess of Night.
It’s not as good as yours btw. But please read and comment.
Thanks xxx
Good stuff :D you story is like a cross between my vampire story and you assassin story, good shit :D

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