To Be Imprinted On...:Tainted Blood [On Hold, Writer's Block]

As Alexis Thompson tries to get used to what she has now become, she struggles to keep her once so tightly bonded relationship with werewolf boyfriend, Aiden Lee. Secrets that were once so hidden are found and now that Alexis is what she is, many dangerous figures try to hunt her down, now that her blood is tainted. Will Alexis and Aiden build up the courage to fight for their love or will they lose the battle and fall in defeat?
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WTH.?!?!?!?! how can she think that when she has Aiden.!!!!!
::sigh:: i tell ya, fictional characters these days
Wow...awkward...I think she should start laughing an be like "you should have seen your face! Hahaha!"
OMG!! i can't stop laughing i mean ''Aiden,i think  i'm a lesbian'' lmao WTH is wrong with her ,that was so radom lolz gr8 chappy upload soon :D
Awesome as alawyz,but i didn't expect her to be  a wolf,and yea i think Megan Fox match her well 

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