My Abusive Life (A Roc Royal/Mindless Behavior Story)

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Mindless G By EstheeXd Updated 4 days ago
Destiny is weak and broken. Wouldn't you be if you went through the same things she went through. She feels alone in a world were no-one understands her. She is constantly bullied and mocked by her peers. At home things aren't better, being sexually abused by the people she should trust the most. Will things change when the chresanto moves next door.
Can my sad story be read  yall gon stop by my page? Pretty pweaseeee
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WTF why is her dad nd brother treating her lke shit lke damn... I wudaa been ran away
Y did u even go in his room if u didn't want the d u could ha ran out the house but u stayed
At least he called me 'pretty ass' thats a good enough Ratio to hoe