My Abusive Life (A Roc Royal/Mindless Behavior Story)

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EstheeXd By EstheeXd Completed
Hi, My names YN but people call (Your Nickname). I'm 17 and Live with my dad and Brother Princeton. My mum died a year ago due to Cancer.  Life is not easy. My dad abuses and Princeton rapes me once in a while. I  hate my life and the only thing that keeps me strong is my best friend Angelina. But Sadly she's going out with my Brother. Things start to change when Roc Royal moves to my Neighbourhood
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He came for a spoon full of sugar....,really....I just died brah that was soooooooooo  funny 
BRUH better take yo ass to the store really nigga a spoonful
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Wtf he need a spoonful of sugar for and his ass just movin in✋ roc take yo ass on na
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for real I would have stuck up for myself saying " nigga yo b!tch a$ excuse of a boyfriend just raped me " and I would have walked out like a boss.
mmhhhmmm suurrrreeee price we alllll believe you *note the sarcasm*