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Percy Jackson Fan-fiction Isabelle Olympus thinks she is an ordinary girl until one day she takes a bus ride that throws her into a world of Greek gods and monsters. She finds out about herself and learns to live with it. (this story is set before Percy arrives at camp, but he does appear in the story) I recently read the Percy Jackson series and really enjoyed. This idea just popped into my head. let me know what you think!
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Usually demigods get claimed at about age 12 not 8 and also how does she know all of the Greek godly stuff?
This is a really amazing story but I would change the age of the girl because usually they get claimed at 12-14 years old not at 8
A normal 8 year old would be naive and stuff but an abused 8 year old? I don't think they would be that naive...
Please change it were she's with Luke or percy probably  percy but please keep the same way but put issue with percy or Luke
How is she 8? She would be young, naïve, and immature. Not going into town by herself and already knowing what greek gods are.
That's what i was thinking. An 8 year old would be childish and probably wouldnt even know what a 'greek god' is.

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