Percy Jackson fan-fiction

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Percy Jackson Fan-fiction
    Isabelle Olympus thinks she is an ordinary girl until one day she takes a bus ride that throws her into a world of Greek gods and monsters. She finds out about herself and learns to live with it.
    (this story is set before Percy arrives at camp, but he does appear in the story)
    I recently read the Percy Jackson series and really enjoyed. This idea just popped into my head. let me know what you think!
This is honetly the BEST Percy Jackson story that I have ever read!
Wouldn't she be a god if she was born from only Olympians and not a mortal......
It would be dollars if she was in America going to New York.
I thought it was great if u liked it read my fanfic about what happens after the book there will be seven books and in each one one of the seven is telling the story. First is Piper!!!!
If she's 8 how dose she know so much about the different gods?
All I have is a certain type of anemia that doesn't have a cure