Isabelle Olympus (A Percy Jackson Fan-fiction)

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Percy Jackson Fan-fiction
    Isabelle Olympus thinks she is an ordinary girl until one day she takes a bus ride that throws her into a world of Greek gods and monsters. She finds out about herself and learns to live with it.
    (this story is set before Percy arrives at camp, but he does appear in the story)
that_blondie_alex IS RIGHT, PERCY JACKSON FANs would love this
Their Godly Parents are like; You and You to the Baddy bad CORNER NOW!
Once a traitor ALWAYS A TRAITOR 
                                    WHY YOU DO DIS LUKE WHY!!!!!
                                    Sorry I just had a breakdown but I'm back
I dont know about u but i wouldnt wanna be the one to take a puppy from a cute 8 year old, especially my own...soo..yeah..
Annabeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We need Annabeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought of something: if ALL of the gods are her parents doesn't that mean no one at camp can date each other, because for example a Hermes kid and Athena kid wanted to date the couldn't because since Isabelle is related to EVERY camper