Thirty Eight Days

Ask yourself, how many days does it take to fall in love? Nolan Parker and Clara Lawrence never saw eye to eye. In fact, if you asked Clara she would tell you that Nolan Parker hated every thing about her. They never shared any form of connection besides Alex Lawrence. She was Alex’s bratty sister and he was Alex’s best friend, they never stood a chance. Five years have passed and almost 12,000 miles have kept them separated, both living completely different lives. Unchanged perceptions and expectations should have kept them apart but when Nolan returns, the foundations of their ‘relationship’ is sure to change. Their story was meant to end the day Nolan left for Stanford. But what if seeing each other after five years was the game changer? What if this was their one chance to rewrite their relationship or were they always destined to never be more?
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when I think about this question Idk because we don't really know of were in love based on the other persons feelings
First book I've ever read on wattpad and my 4th time reading the (books) oh how i love Clara and noel
It can take less than a day to fall in love, but to realise your in love can take a lifetime.
Could check out my short story? It's called the man in the pig mask. I would appreciate it! Sorry
Please read this story. it's new. My friend and I wrote it and it's kinda good I thingk...
Thats what makes a good story, you need to have those types of moments. I can't wait!

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