Hey! What Are You, Blind? (Book Under Construction)

What do you get when you have a jock; a blind girl, a guy who's secretly in love with you but he's just a friend, and a vengeful ex-girlfriend? Meet Jenette; she was born blind and this is her journey as she deals with love, fights, rumors, and a whole lot of drama. Can she survive in the jungle that we call high-school? Find out in Hey! What Are You Blind? (Don't read this version, I'm re-writing the book and the newer version is on my profile)
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They mean to put ' it's not a big deal, just look at the 1st letter and last letter... It's meant to be I'd
I love the trailer thing!! I already like the book and it's only the first chapter XD
Omg thats the name of practically half the freshman at my school english honors teacher and yes she's ugh too
ARE YOU FUĀ©|<!NG KIDDING ME?!?!?! that's my English teachers name!!! except I have her fifth hour, before lunch....she's....ugh
Very amusing and sounds like the scene in class was quite a confrontation. Love and kisses, Shontelleiya xxxxxxxxxxxx
LOL this chapter made me laugh, this guy is so rude!! but it was funny! ;)
off to the next :D

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