Hey! What Are You, Blind? (Book Under Construction)

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Nickyanne By Nickyanne Updated 2 months ago
What do you get when you have a jock; a blind girl, a guy who's secretly in love with you but he's just a friend, and a vengeful ex-girlfriend? Meet Jenette; she was born blind and this is her journey as she deals with love, fights, rumors, and a whole lot of drama. Can she survive in the jungle that we call high-school? Find out in Hey! What Are You Blind? (Don't read this version, I'm re-writing the book and the newer version is on my profile)
KayKay_MoveOn KayKay_MoveOn 2 months ago
It's people like you that make minor mistakes worth reading xD
DanielleTerriXo DanielleTerriXo 5 months ago
They mean to put ' it's not a big deal, just look at the 1st letter and last letter... It's meant to be I'd
FallenANJell FallenANJell 6 months ago
Markham, Ontario here!!!!  or Waterloo since I go to university of Waterloo.
nerd_4_life_ nerd_4_life_ 6 months ago
I love the trailer thing!! I already like the book and it's only the first chapter XD
snibbons snibbons 6 months ago
aww... nice chapter, i havnt read most of it yet but still..
bleughost bleughost 7 months ago
Omg thats the name of practically half the freshman at my school english honors teacher and yes she's ugh too