The Knight in Leather Armor

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Mariam By Atlantis94 Completed
"Nothing gold can stay." 
    -Robert Frost
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    Cover: The Floz
2nd time reading and just finished 4th book 5 minutes ago. I've been through a whirlwind of emotions and I'm just speechless
I literally finished all the book yesterday and now I'm restarting lol
my favourite book on wattpad. and i've read a lot. it' an emotional roller coaster. you'll love it
That is probably the sweetest way to explain to a kid why their parent died!!!
dont get mad at me but i never read this series @fay_e_smith  @bowtieharold  @razewrap233
this made me cry. seriously, im silently crying right now just so i can't embarass myself infront of my family.