The Knight in Leather Armor

"Nothing gold can stay." -Robert Frost Twitter: @Atlantis094 Cover: The Floz
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I think this is my fifth time reading this, I just love this book! You're a great writer!
I'm reading this whole saga over again . That is how much I love it ! I just don't wanna let go of it ! ):
know that i've read the outsiders, i can connect with this so much more (this is my fourth time reading it.)
I reading the outsiders and when I saw the quote in the description . I was like OMG that's from the outsiders the most greatest book in the world
This is, no shit, my favourite story on wattpad. I love you so much!! Please will you follow me on twitter? @spend_herlove :) xx
Re reading for the 3rd time and just omg the first paragraph of the series that changed my life

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