When You're Strange. {Harry Potter}

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Sixth-year Slytherin, Alice Rhowen, is, along with her boyfriend Draco Malfoy, the most powerful Slytherin student. She's the outcast of a family full of Gryffindors. When Draco and his family invite her to their house for Christmas break, her life is never the same.
I would NOT have caught that, but it sounds better saying their last names. Good idea!!! ~TheLiteraryLion
A great fan-fiction about Slytherins AND duel point-of-view?!?!?!?! YAAAAAAASSSSSSS!!! ~TheLiteraryLion
                                    Sounds like this is going to be good!!! ~TheLiteraryLion
Jigi jar jar Doo, der de der de der. AND I JUST FLOW.
                                    CARL POPPA
                                    Yes I am a SlytherWIN
How about you stop the Gryffindors from getting under our skin in the first place, huh Snape? HUH?! XD
'If you want to be a successful death eater, you must be emotionless. Think of Snape.'
                                    You see, lines like these are what causes people to cry even before they finish a book... T_T