When You're Strange. {Harry Potter}

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Sixth-year Slytherin, Alice Rhowen, is, along with her boyfriend Draco Malfoy, the most powerful Slytherin student. She's the outcast of a family full of Gryffindors. When Draco and his family invite her to their house for Christmas break, her life is never the same.
OK I would beat draco @swiggity_swagrid but he's just too hot
I'm a Slytherin but I don't bully people, I'm fair. And I mean FAIR. People get what they deserve from me.
You filthy Pureblood!Yeah,that's my new insult!Anyway!You filthy Pureblood,how dare you attack a true Muggle-bron?They are the highest class of witches and wizards!
OK I do NOT like this girl so far!!!!!! I'm gonna knock her teeth out!!!! NO ONE messes with Hermione Granger on my watch!!!!
I'm a Ravenclaw, and proud of it. Ravenclawesome! On almost every test, I've gotten Ravenclaw, other than maybe 3. (And I've done maybe 30) So I guess technically I'm a Ravenpuff <3 that does fit my personality though. I always get A+ and people say I'm kind.
                                    Sounds like this is going to be good!!! ~TheLiteraryLion