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Collection of Sci-Fi Shorts: FINDING THE TRUTH: [Sci-Fi: Candlepunk] Catalina de Aragón, Infanta of Spain, grew up believing there was no truth except God's. But deep inside her heart, she has many questions. In a world where the so called heretics had a deep knowledge and technology, she could not help but to wonder how they acquired them. When she has a glimpse of what this knowledge can do, she decides to find out what is the Truth that the Moors hide. OUR HERO: [Alternate History] A group of German scientists are engaged in a daring project: to get the memories of a boy who died almost 70 years ago, in a Nazi concentration camp, and whose body was mysteriously kept preserved by Dr. Mengele. QUOTE GROUP #5 (Superman underwear)
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I hate when I find what seems to be a gem & I gotta run! agitates me...but I'll add it to my reading list & finish. great start, I'm captivated...
@SissaRomanova Oh, did he? Ah, okay...Nah, still feel like Dai- nah, I like Jasmines better or was it Carnations...hmmm
@SissaRomanova ah, I think they would automatically pop out. but one has to learn to soak it in and shrug it off and relax with their favourite soft toy.
Wow, the quote was unexpected :O but i think it does make some sense in the situation
Your books are always so fool of new ideas! Oh, and the thing in bold made me stop reading and blink a few times.

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