Young, Gay, Love

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AnotherAsianHilton By AnotherAsianHilton Updated a year ago
'Young, Gay, Love' is a book about a teenage gay named Sam trying to understand how the world works. Growing up as a sheltered home-schooler he learns what the term gay is and that thinking boys are attractive has a lot more strings attached than he thought. Follow Sam and his friends (some stay some don't) as he tries to learn about the gay world on his own terms.
whatup22 whatup22 9 months ago
I agree I know that people don't understand what I feel like I can't just say I want to be strait I ant change and many people don't understand that
whatup22 whatup22 10 months ago
Being gay is hard and i have the scars on my arms to prove it
cazzhaddock cazzhaddock a year ago
I'm a homo and its hard going out to ppl I get bullied a lot for being gay
ThreasaPhillips ThreasaPhillips 2 years ago
I support my family and friends that are gay I embrace them to be their selves.It brings me joy knowing how happy they are!!
benten825 benten825 2 years ago
teddy will you be my teddybear in a creepy way awesome book !!
MingMang_ MingMang_ 2 years ago
@teddyb6 It was an exaggerated joke. -__-
Break down your paragraphs....