Think you can survive in a world full of flesh-eating monsters? Maybe you can or can't. Let's take a peak at a 17-year olds life in this crazy world. Meet Erin, a girl who tries to be as strong as possible. For her little sister's sake of course. She of course as any sane person, has her breaking points. Even more so when killing a person (Er... Zombie...) every day is so normal. Killing is living. Living is surviving.
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I loved the humour, made me laugh...if anyone wants to read mine I'm new here and the advice and feedback would be great :-).... Well done very enjoyable
It is quite sad, in a way. Instead of love, tears, and goodbyes, they get beaten with blunt objects.
@RememberLove10 Exactly! I've always wanted one of those sword/whip combos. That would be amazing!
Aargh! It's so short!

But I still loved it and wonder who was firing the shots.
Haha this is the only zombie story i've read on here and I have to say ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check out mine :3?
LOL I know how that feels :) Prologues can be really boring 2 write :) but ur welcome!!!!

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